What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements

What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements
What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements
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PASUNDAN EKSPRES – Have you ever read a novel, or story? When you read a story, read a novel, and even watch a movie, you usually focus on the characters and the plot, right.

Even though, there is more important element of story and you don’t skip this element: that is the setting.

So, what is a setting? A setting is about the time and place in which a story is told. All stories have this element.

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Setting can be a real time period and the real location, or a fictional world which unfamiliar time period. It’s not just about that, a setting includes the climate, the weather, the physical landscape, and the societal with cultural surroundings that serve as a background for the action.

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If you love writing in fiction, the main definition of setting is the time and place of a story. But, there are some different elements that contribute to create the setting, including:

Elements of Setting in a Novel

1. Geographic Location

Of course, if you ever read the story, you might found the set in a real-life, like a state, particular city, or country. It’s not only that, you might found a set in an imaginary world.

2. Physical Location

Physical location mean the surroundings around the characters, like a room or temple. This element can be important information for the readers when they read the novel.

3. Physical Environment

Physical environment is about the story can be a set in the natural world where the characters are affected by climate conditions, weather conditions, or other forces of nature.

4. Time Period

If you want to be a writer and writing a story, you should to ask, “when does this story take place?” In literature, time period can be a historical period, but it can be a time of day, a season, or time or year.

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