What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements

What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements
What is a Setting in Novel? Definition and Elements

PASUNDAN EKSPRES – Have you ever read a novel, or story? When you read a story, read a novel, and even watch a movie, you usually focus on the characters and the plot, right.

Even though, there is more important element of story and you don’t skip this element: that is the setting.

So, what is a setting? A setting is about the time and place in which a story is told. All stories have this element.

Setting can be a real time period and the real location, or a fictional world which unfamiliar time period. It’s not just about that, a setting includes the climate, the weather, the physical landscape, and the societal with cultural surroundings that serve as a background for the action.

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If you love writing in fiction, the main definition of setting is the time and place of a story. But, there are some different elements that contribute to create the setting, including:

Elements of Setting in a Novel

1. Geographic Location

Of course, if you ever read the story, you might found the set in a real-life, like a state, particular city, or country. It’s not only that, you might found a set in an imaginary world.

2. Physical Location

Physical location mean the surroundings around the characters, like a room or temple. This element can be important information for the readers when they read the novel.

3. Physical Environment

Physical environment is about the story can be a set in the natural world where the characters are affected by climate conditions, weather conditions, or other forces of nature.

4. Time Period

If you want to be a writer and writing a story, you should to ask, “when does this story take place?” In literature, time period can be a historical period, but it can be a time of day, a season, or time or year.

5. Social and Cultural Environment

For this element, the location and time period will dictate the social and cultural environment for the story.

If you want to writing short story and create a set in a high school, you will make a societal norms and trends specific to teenagers.

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If you writing a story and create a set in the late 1940s, you might be set against the cultural background of World War.

So, this the article about what is setting in a novel. Hopefully, this article can help you and increase your knowledge. (ipa)